Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Reflection for using web 2.0 (from Florence)

After learning this course, I've learnt several tools of web 2.0.
It is useful for us to communicate with friends, colleagues, relatives or students via FACEBOOK. As I met my primary classmates, old friends in a short period. And also, I can see my friend's photos and share my photos here.
On the other hand, my students love to write BLOG and share their "diary" with each other. After learning to write BLOG, I may have another good way to communicate with my students. And also, I can introduce some books for them via my blog.
I think it is useful for me to show videos during art lessons. It is because I can show the working methods or processes clearly. Therefore, I love to use photostory and youtube for teaching.
I would like to recommend my students and colleagues to use web 2.0 as I believe web 2.0 can help us to learn.

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