Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Debbie's reflection on Web2.0 tools

In this course, we have learnt several Web2.0 tools. I found some of them are really useful in our school.
The Google Docs, i had introduced this application to our school's IT team teachers, can be used in project learning and collaborating works. The flexibility, the convenience and the functionality make students feel more easier in working together.
The blog, is a effective channel for teachers and students to share, to communicate and to express opinions. i had built a blog for our school library (http://myblog.yahoo.com.hk/tswmps_library) to promote our library and to announce the library news to the students. Students can leave their feedbacks on the blog so that i can realize students' reflection.
The Protopage, is suitable for us to set as the browser's homepage to keep us up-to-date but if every web site have the rss function, that would be more prefect.

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